How to create a print ready PDF

Mac OS X
Print PostScript Export PDF Instructions Settings files
InDesign CS2 | Yes | Not recommended | Indesign CS2 | Complete package CS2
Illustrator CS2 | Yes | Not recommended | Illustrator CS2 | Complete package AI CS2
QuarkXpress 6.5 | Yes | Not recommended | QuarkXpress 6 | Complete package Qxp 6.x
QuarkXpress 7.3 | Not recommended | Yes | QuarkXpress 7 | Complete package Qxp 7.x
Illustrator CS3 | Not recommended | Yes | Illustrator CS3 | Complete package Ai CS3
InDesign CS3 | Not recommended | Yes | Indesign CS3 | Complete package indd CS3
InDesign CS4 | Not recommended | Yes | Indesign CS4 | Complete package indd CS4
InDesign CS5 | Not recommended | Yes | Indesign CS5 | Complete package indd CS5
InDesign CS6 | Not recommended | Yes | Indesign CS6 | Complete package indd CS6
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Quark 8.1 to 9 | Not recommended | Yes | QuarkXpress 8 | Complete package Qxp 8.1
More.... Transparency support

How to setup split pages with proper bleeds in InDesign (Quicktime video)

Mac users! Synchronize color settings across Adobe Creative Suite applications using Bridge[cs3 cs4 cs5&6]. Settings file download here.
Monitor Colour Calibration Target file click here


Old versions of Acrobat may not be compatible.
Click here to download the Printing Guide for Creative Suite CS5/5.5 or the CS6 guide.
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